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is just

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    <a href="#">Link</a>
    <a href="#">Link</a>
    <a href="#">Link</a>

Concepts from the 60s and 70s (probably even earlier), like using curl and pipe are still very much in use today. Understanding the nuances of low-level I/O is important, as my recent Google screen heavily suggests.

  1. Download and install Google Cloud SDK by running the following command in your shell or Terminal:

    curl | bash

    (Or, you can download or google-cloud-sdk.tar.gz, unpack it, and launch the ./google-cloud-sdk/ script.)

  2. Restart your shell or Terminal.

  3. Authenticate to Google Cloud Platform by running gcloud auth login.

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This is pretty slick. To indicate input that is typically entered via the keyboard, simply use the kbd element:

Use ctrl + p to open the Print dialog box.


Use the .dl-horizontal class line up the description list side-by-side when the browser window expands:

- black hot drink
- white cold drink

Tip: Try to resize the browser window to see the behaviour of the description list.

# this is a comment
def some_function(x,y,z):
    return x*y*z

def somefunc(param1='', param2=0):
    r'''A docstring'''
    if param1 > param2: # interesting
        print 'Gre\'ater'
    return (param2 - param1 + 1) or None

class SomeClass: